Announcement! GEFI Security Update

GeFi Official
2 min readAug 25, 2021


Good day, GeFions!

Our team received a notice from Gnosis Safe stating that they are currently going upgrades and there is a need to temporarily stop their service. Hence, GemStone Finance (GeFi) requires all GeFions to move all of your staked LP to the new stake pool. The upgrade of the security requires the cooperation from ALL GeFions to ensure that the GeFi team creates the best security and quality gains for all participants.

Date: 26 August 2021

Time: UTC 1200 — UTC 1800

You will be required to migrate your LP to a newly upgraded GeFi stake pool. Do not worry as you will be given 6 hours in advance to be able to migrate your LP to the new stake pool which will be officially restart at UTC 1800.

Please follow the steps below to ensure that the migration process can be done smoothly during the security integration:

Step 1.

Harvest and Unstake your LP. Next, withdraw all the LP in GeFi PancakeSwap Stake Pool and GeFi Stake Pool.

PancakeSwap Stake Pool:



GeFi Stake Pool:



Step 2.

After Harvest and Unstake, you will need to withdraw 100% of your LP and migrate to the new GeFi stake pool

Step 3.

Select the new pool, stake and let GeFi do the rest for you. The vault will be back to live at UTC 1800, 26 August 2021.

We are working closely with Gnosis Safe in order to provide the best security integration.

A friendly reminder to everyone; PLEASE complete the Harvest, Unstake and Withdraw of LP by yourself. ALL the LP belongs to every individual respectively and GeFi does not own any of it. Through this upgrade, we promise to provide GeFions a better staking environment.

GeFi your life!