Ongoing Phase 2 Public Sales! Join us in this new HYPE and GeFi Your Life!

Great news! Our phase 2 of public sale is open to everyone to participate easily by purchasing sGEG with $USDT and/or $BUSD. Once you have sGEG, just wait for our official staking pool to be launched, and be some of the first ones to stake and earn GEG, estimated to be listed at $80.00!

GeFi is a decentralized blockchain ecosystem built on the Binance blockchain protocol (Binance Smart Chain, BSC). GeFi introduces 2 tokens circulating in the entire ecosystem, GEG (GeGems) and GES (GeStones). With the Phase 1 availability of a total of 57,000 sGEG selling at $4 per sGEG, GeFi successfully raised $228,000 during the phase 1 ISO, and phase 2 of the public sale which is currently ongoing [12th July 2021 ~ 22nd July 2021 UTC 1200, at time of writing] with a total availability of 85,500 sGEG selling fast. New adopters and believers are welcomed to participate with our revolution, just visit our site. [ ]

You’ve missed the BTC and mainstream altcoins;

You’ve missed the Miner Rewards;

You’ve missed the previous yield farming;

You’ve missed the $doggies;

Don’t miss out on this new HYPE!!

GeFi Your Life!!!

Log on to our channels to find out more.

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