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GeFi Community Driven Concept

Community Driven Concept (CDC) is a development initiative that provides control of the development process, resources and decision-making authority directly to groups in the community. The underlying assumption of CDC projects are that communities are the best judges, if provided with adequate resources and information, they can organize themselves to provide for the sustainability of the project ecosystem and protocol.

Community Contribution is all about creating ‘Social Sharing Communities’ within the GeFi ecosystem and managing the community based on the majority governance.

Community Leaders can allocate portion of airdrops from the GeFi ecosystem (GEG, GES, NFTs) as well as other tokens based on their discretion, in order to build and sustain the most active and rewarding community.

GeFi encourages these communities to have their own unique governance because one of GeFi’s mission is to integrate as many crypto-community, has-beens, or will-be into a decentralised automated rewarding blockchain ecosystem, through staking, farming, contributing, gaming, listing products, and several other ways.


We do have requirements for our community leaders specifically because we want to sustain the very best governance for our Community-Driven Protocol. The best perk of being the Community Leader, is the 40% from group’s stake yield earnings allocation from GeFi protocol to the leaders. Leaders may then allocate the 40% to their community as they wish, other than participating in our upcoming Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

Decentralised Autonomous Organization

GEG and GES holders control the ecosystem and receive the majority of farm performance profits. In the future, GeFi will have a voting page where users can use GEG or GES to vote on decisions within the community. Thus, the more GEG or GES that is staked by any participants, the higher the influence they have in the ecosystem. GeFi expects to issue a more concrete governance tokenomics ecosystem, perhaps by introducing a new, separate governance token.


• Owned a minimum of 100,000 USDT or BUSD value of sGEG during the Initial Stake Offering (ISO) or Public Sales.

• Unique community LOGO & Brief Introduction of Community

• Community Channel(s) with at least 1000 ACTIVE subscribers

• Promote our GeFi Admins into the said channel as moderators

• SAFT: Simple Agreement Future Tokens between GeFi and Community Leader


1. Register to become a GeFion through the GeFi Club Portal.

2. Purchase a minimum 100,000 USDT value of sGEG.

3. Create or provide proof of Community Channels with at least 1000 subscribers.

4. Submit the Community LOGO & brief description of the community, preferably with tagline.

5. Promote GEG admin in channel as moderator

6. Email all submissions and details to < >


Starting from 8 July 2021, UTC 1200 until 6 August 2021, UTC 1159. There will be no more community application after the end of the period.

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