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3 min readJul 31, 2021


Voila! Great news for all GeFions! As per our previous KOL article, it is known to many that the GeFi protocol is equipped with many rewarding programs for anyone to participate. One of the very rewarding programs that we’re going to cover here is the GeFi Affiliate Program or better known as “It Pays to Have Friends”.

Firstly, affiliate programs or associate programs are advertising models in which a company compensates third-party publishers to generate traffic or leads to the company’s products and services. In the GeFi ecosystem, this affiliate program incentivizes every participant in our community. As the name of the program goes, It Pays to Have Friends, participants are encouraged to spread the word around by promoting the GeFi protocol through any given social medias or channels of promotion. It is as simple as copy & paste; as the steps are stated below.

1. Register to become a GeFion through our official community website <> and head on over to “Join Our Community”

2. Users are then required to fill in the registration details and BE SURE to enter the correct BSC address (to be entitled with the rewards).

3. Once the registration is done, log in again at the main page and proceed to generate their very own unique and exclusive QR code or affiliate links.

4. Users may then copy the link and paste it in any preferred channel of promotion such as Telegram, Twitter, Other social medias or even their own websites, OR manually send and share with friends and family members, the more the merrier!

Next, let us emphasize on the rewards. For starters, every participant who has registered as part of our community through the registration portal, will be able to have their very own unique invitation/affiliate link. Once the link is shared, and new participants who has registered via that specific link, will be entitled with additional 10% on top of their friend’s AIRDROP!

Other than that, there is also an affiliate reimbursement of 10% on top of their friend’s earnings and stakes. Every time their friends “Harvest” from the GeFi finance vaults, GeFions will receive additional earnings of 10% from the harvested earnings, for life! Yes, for life! One link that lasts for a lifetime, BE SURE to use this link well, and keep on sharing with friends, acquaintances and many other communities!

You’ve missed the BTC and mainstream altcoins;

You’ve missed the Miner Rewards;

You’ve missed the previous yield farming;

You’ve missed the $doggies;

Don’t miss out on this new HYPE!!

GeFi Your Life!!!

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