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3 min readJul 28, 2021

As per mentioned in our previous articles, GeFi tokenomics comprises of AIRDROP allocations to certain community. At time of writing, the phase 3 public sales has already reached a whopping 48.47% JUST WITHIN 24 hours after the commencement, counting down 13 days (while ISO lasts), until the GeFi successfully close the public sales. To those who have been missing out on the HYPE, please log on to the official website [] to find out more, purchase sGEG and stake to earn GEG!

As per the token allocation, a total airdrop of 300 GEG will be shared among all our Key Opinion Leaders (K.O.L). We will be giving away 1 GEG to every K.O.L (upon fulfilling the requirements, stated below) which will be distributed after the verification process is completed, estimated at 1st of September 2021.

The steps to becoming our KOL is really just like a walk in the park. Follow the steps provided below:

1. Register to be a GeFion (GeFi Fans) via the GeFi Portal <> and login to generate the referral link.

2. Record a video showcase about GeFi’s highlights & features in your preferred language, and PREFERABLY showing your face as well, so we know YOU’RE REAL! =)

3. Upload the video to either YouTube OR TikTok OR Instagram OR Facebook, any platform of your choice.

4. Include the hashtags : #GEFI #GEG #GES and your referral link in the video caption.

5. Share your videos to your friends and family.

6. Logon to <> and locate the KOL APPLICATION from the left column, fill in the correct information especially your email and the link to your uploaded video.

7. Be sure to input your BSC Wallet Address, BE VERY SURE that it is the correct address, as we will not be responsible for any GEG to go into space for real. =D

8. Submit for verification and wait for our updates!

It’s really simple!

Some of the requirements to become our KOL as below:

· The video MUST be uploaded in Facebook OR Instagram OR YouTube OR TikTok.

· The duration of the video can be anywhere around 30 seconds to 1 minute.

· Hashtags MUST be included in the video’s caption/description: #GEFI #GEG and #GES

· REFERRAL LINK MUST be included in the caption/description of the video (obtained from

· Work must be submitted via the Google Form <> or via our email at before 22nd August 2021, UTC 1159.

P.S. Every K.O.L needs to has a MINIMUM of 2000 views in order to be eligible to obtain 1 GEG airdrop.

Moreover, additional GEG will be distributed to the top 10 of the best K.O.L with the highest views and shares! Besides that, every KOL will be earning an additional 10% on top of friends’ earnings (Yield Farms, Airdrops, Performance Fees) when they register through the respective referral link. Well, what are you waiting for? The K.O.L application is OPEN NOW and ends at 22nd August 2021, UTC 1159.

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