GeFi October Recap

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5 min readNov 2, 2021


We are officially 2 months away from 2022. In the first month of Q4 2021, we have achieved another milestone and brought GeFions few steps closer to the Moon!

So many things have happened in just October only!

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Great news here!

We have officially listed GEG (GeGem) on CoinGecko on 5th October! You may look for us at ! Remember to give us a “Good” vote there!

There were two emission reductions occurring on the 12 and 22 October 2021. We understand that having no supply cap is not sustainable, but we maintain our goal of being able to implement enough deflationary mechanics to become emission neutral.

GeFi has collaborated with Oasis! Now you can find us in their ecosystem. Oasis is a blockchain-powered metaverse project where it welcomes all nature-loving blockchain gamers to create, own, play, earn and interact with like-minded natives in its virtual world of lush greeneries and natural beauty.

The team is building an ecosystem of games and blockchain services within the OASIS Metaverse harnessing the power of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and bridging social gaming with decentralized finance (DeFi). Click on the “GeFi” banner in Oasis metaverse and you will be directed to our stakepool!

Also, if you’re a huge fan of NFT, let us tell you more about Stoneage NFT!

The Stoneage NFT was having an official preview on the 8th October. However, in the official preview, mint, trade and swap functions were disabled. So why did we launch this preview? We want users to have a first view on our Stonage NFT marketplace and get familiar with the sections and functions of stoneage nft in order to avoid confusion in the official launch.

The team had even introduced the demo site and airdrop trial GES exclusive for GEG holders to perform mint, trade and swap NFT, however there will be a need to perform bnb faucet claiming. And clearly we received a lot of feedback from the community about the function and it is great to us as we knew what market demands.

Also, the Initial Stone Offering officially ended on 20 October. We have raised a total of 379,999.8 BUSD and 3052.79 GEG from the Initial Stone Offering (ISO). Yes! All of the GES in the Pre-Sales were sold out!

As mentioned on our Gitbook, we will be performing a burning of GEG collected from the ISO and remaining tiny balance unsold GES to burn. How are we going to burn it? We have sent the tokens to a dead address on 1 November 2021 UTC 0900.

Proof Of Burn — GEG:

Proof Of Burn — GES (GEG):

Proof Of Burn — GES (BUSD):

What’s better than GES sold out in Pre-Sales? We had been working hard to communicate and solving Stonegae NFT contract audit. And yes, integrity solidified, we are finally official CertiK-fied. We would like thanks to Stoneage NFT engineers and teams who making this a success.

GES was CertiK-fied! Find out about our audit at . We hope that with these audit reports, we are able to increase the confidence of GeFions in our projects.

HUGE news to you!

The Stoneage NFT was officially launched on 25 October 2021. The Telegram Community was so hyped up about it. Some of them have even started selling their NFT over there. We had a total of 1600 NFT creators and up to 2000 NFTs minted in the Stoneage NFT Marketplace. It is definitely a good start.

There was an AMA session (Ask-Me-Anything) held for Stoneage NFT on the 29 October 2021 with Snapfinger Community. By organizing this AMA session, we have successfully acquired a few die-hard NFT fans joining our big family.

GEG is now officially listed on ApeSwap! We have stop emission on PancakeSwap and move our LP to Apeswap. There’s even a GEG-BNB Liquidity Pool on ApeSwap. What are you waiting for? Head to our official website and start staking right now!

Missed out the Stoneage NFT ISO? No worries! There will be an upcoming IDO with DODO Dex and Fly Launchpad on 3 October 2021 UTC 1200. Do stay tuned on our official channel for more updates.

Stay tuned for more!

GEG Ready to GeFi your life!

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