Behold, the official launch of GEG Initial Stakepool Offering. Another significant milestone achieved!

GeFi Official
2 min readAug 13, 2021

As mentioned in our previous articles and our Tweets and all the hype from our communities, the official launching pool for sGEG is opened. ALL early adopters of sGEG can stake and earn GEG as well as other farms. There are several pools being introduced as most of the GeFions were eager to indulge in all the HYPE! At just under 24 hours, the Total Deposited Value at GeFi reached a staggering $2,251,583.17 (at time of writing). This goes to show that the excitement shown by GeFions was over the roof as more and more participants join in the ISO pool! To those who missed out on the hype, COME ON NOW and head on to [ ]

Other than the main ISO pool, there are also several other farms being introduced as shown above. As GeFi aims to expand to a wider crypto community, more and more farms will be introduced but all these might need to wait for the community driven concept to be fully initiated.

Once again, GeFi is set to focus on optimizing the yields for every participant. The auto-compounded yields mechanism is equipped with battle-tested smart contracts and best-in-class yield optimizing strategies. GeFi uses a proprietary dynamic harvesting optimizer to enable the highest APYs on our vaults to ensure quality gains for all participants.

The GeFi protocol automatically switches funds between a variety set of protocols in order obtain the best rate of return. As a result, GeFi simplifies the yield farming process for participants. This in turn, will lead GeFions to a next level of HYPE!

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