We are officially 2 months away from 2022. In the first month of Q4 2021, we have achieved another milestone and brought GeFions few steps closer to the Moon!

So many things have happened in just October only!

Curious to find out more? Continue reading!

We are now entering Q4 of 2021. It has been a challenging and memorable journey for us through Q3 of 2021, and we are happy that the number GeFions are growing superbly!

During the month of September 2021 alone, we are really glad to have the trust and support from…

As per our previous article; we talked about the wonders of Gamefi. Players are offered endless possibilities in generating income from in-game activities and engaging them with many gaming benefits.

Some examples current in the market are platforms like Axie Infinity and MOBOX in which GeFi has successfully integrated the…

GameFi, which combines Game and DeFi into one word, is the gamification of financial mechanisms where users can earn profits by playing games. Another popular term for this sector is the Play to Earn model. On the surface, the keyword is “gaming,” but at the core, “finance” is what matters…

Good day, GeFions!

Our team received a notice from Gnosis Safe stating that they are currently going upgrades and there is a need to temporarily stop their service. Hence, GemStone Finance (GeFi) requires all GeFions to move all of your staked LP to the new stake pool. …

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